How to Create Cryptopia Account for Trading, Exchange, Buying Crypto Coins

How to Create Cryptopia Account – Trading, Exchange, Buying BTC, Altcoins

Cryptopia is one of the renown cryptocurrency exchange in nowadays. There’re a few exchanges who has enormous amount of coins on their exchange platform. Cryptopia is one of them and best place to find hundreds of coins with penny amount price. I’m going to discuss on how to create Cryptopia account for individuals and start their trading or buying or exchanging their coins to another coins. Please, follow the below instructions about it. Cryptopia is also known for marketplace which can be used to sell used goods such as electronics, gift cards and more. You can check on the website, what is available on the platform. You check our website for more cryptocurrency updates.

How to create account on Cryptopia

Procedure to Create Cryptopia Account for Trading, Exchange, Buying Cryptocurrency

  • First visit the official site,¬†

How to create account on Cryptopia

  • Click on Register button on the top right side. You’ll see a form.

How to create account on Cryptopia

  • Enter the “User name” which you will use it for login purpose.
  • Then, enter Email address and fill out the password boxes as well(make sure to follow the password instructions.)
  • Confirm the password and enter 2FA account PIN which is very important. Enter the pin and make sure you save it because you’ll need it every time you login to the website. Moreover, it’s not easy to login or get any support if you lost the PIN.
  • Give a tick mark on terms and conditions and also verify the Captcha.
  • Finally, click on “Register”. you’re account will be ready. You can start by verifying the email address and you can use the account to trading or exchange or buying Cryptocurrency.
  • It also had Forum platform (, where you can discuss about lot of things related to cryptocurrencies such as Altcoins, BTC and more.

Hope, you’ve got everything you have to know about cryptopia and how to create an account to start trading, exchange or buying cryptocurrency on cryptopia.