How to create HitBTC Exchange Account – Signup

How to Create HitBTC Exchange Account for Investors, Traders – Signup

HitBTC exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange market to buy small coins, alt coins or exchange BTC to another currency ETH or LTC. This is exchange is based on UK but operated by Hit Techs Limited in Chicago which has began in 2014. It has recorded almost one hundred million daily volume in 2017, December. Follow the below steps on how to create an account on HitBTC to trade, exchange or buy crypto coins. Also, look at how to create cryptopia account for buying, trading or exchanging cryptocurrency.

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Steps to Create HitBTC Exchange Account – Signup

First go to ( and look at the Register button on the top right. Click on that option.

how to create hitbtc exchange

You’re going to see the below page and you need to enter email address and password. Then, verify you’re not a robot and click on register after your verify as human.

how to create hitbtc exchange

Then, You’ll receive an email to verify your address and verify your email using that link and finish the rest of the information later on               by logging in again.

Secondary thing is to setup security for your account. Click on Settings icon(check the below pic for reference).

how to create hitbtc exchange

Then, you’ll see Two Factor Authentication – Click on verify the qr code has on the page with Google Authenticator. Don’t forget to                    save the backup codes in case if you lost the two factor or lost the phone.

Just check every other option which are like deposits and they have two markets BTC and ETH. So, you can buy any coin with BTC or               ETH.

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