Activate/Deactivate DND on Vodafone – HOW TO

Activate DND on Vodafone

On this article, you can know about how to activate DND (Do not disturb) on Vodafone. On this post, you can get rid of all unwanted SMS/calls from different category areas. This provider can prevent the calls or messages from the advert corporations. NCPR (national choice customer sign up) lets in the subscriber to activate the DND service and register into the NCPR. So, that any advert agency desires to make a call to the patron shall affirm their call list in NCPR so that the activated DND subscribers cannot get hold of those calls. Please, follow the below procedure to activate dnd on Vodafone. Also, learn how to Activate DND on Aircel


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How to activate DND (Do Not Disturb) service on Vodafone – Step by Step

>Go to messaging app and start typing a text message in below format.

>You need send SMS in a format – SMS <Space> START 0 to 1909 for full blocking of services.

>You can call to 1909 and follow the instructions and finish the process to activate DND service.

Steps to activate DND (Do Not Disturb) for categories on Vodafone

SL. No Category Format of the SMS
1. Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/credit cards SMS START 1 to 1909
2. Real Estate SMS START 2 to 1909
3. Education SMS START 3 to 1909
4. Health SMS START 4 to 1909
5. Consumer goods and automobiles SMS START 5 to 1909
6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS START 6 to 1909
7. Tourism and Leisure SMS START 7 to 1909


You can even do it on online on vodafone website – Just need to fill the form which displays on that page. On this form, you can select a specific category which you want to block. So, check out the link and get it done.

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How to Deactivate DND on Vodafone

If you wanted to get every message from above field or all fields. You just need to send an SMS to 1909 to deactivate DND (Do not disturb) mode on Vodafone. The format of SMS is – SMS<Space>STOP to 1909 or you can do it through call to deactivate the Vodafone DND service.

Important Points when you activate DND on Vodafone:

  1. Notice that you cannot send another request while in one request is processing. You need to wait for 7 days to process new request.
  2. Due to activating DND (Do Not Disturb) service, you can still get other alerts like banking alerts, any service alerts or ticket confirmations and more.
  3. All this will be charge free.


Hope you’ve got what you’re looking for. Just try it on your mobile.