Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites, Trading

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites, Trading

In this article, I’m going to share best Cryptocurrency exchange sites and those are best for BTC, ETH, LTC markets to buy alt coins. It has all started with BTC(Bitcoin) in 2009 and now it’s created more 400 billion dollar market. This feat never imagined by corporate companies and there are too many doubts about it. However, it gained it’s trust and applied to many platforms as payment system. Follow the below article to know best cryptocurrency exchange sites.

Best Cryprocurrency Exchange Sites for Trading


Best Cryptocurrency Exchange site

One of the best cryptocurrency website for beginners to start with it. This is best website to get BTC, LTC, ETH and BCH. You can buy instantly with any credit or debit or even bank account. With bank account, you can exceed your limits for more buying power. Moreover, You can buy up to $10000 but you need to verify your identity. Coinbase is really very easy to use and understand for users and it has more than 10 million customers across the world.



Best Cryptocurrency Exchange site

Bittrex is one of the best exchange website to buy alt coins such as ADA, NEO and other coins with BTC or ETH. It is one of the most trusted platform for users started in 2014. You need to verify your identity in order to start trading or withdrawing on Bittrex. Your assets will be safe with Bittrex.


how to create binance exchange account

This is another biggest platform to buy alt coins and trade them started in 2014. Binance had more than 6 million users and it’s easy to understand. On Binance, you can create an account and start trading without revealing your identity but it’ll limit your withdrawals and deposits with lesser amounts. Here is a tutorial on How to create Binance Exchange Account.


how to create hitbtc exchange

Another rising exchange platform to trade crypto coins and store. It’s also US based platform to be trusted and trade on it. You can buy with ETH or BTC market based and very easy to buy. Here is a tutorial about how to create HitBTC exchange Account



How to create account on Cryptopia

Although, it’s not great as like others. Cryptopia speciality is having more satoshi coins on the market. You can only trade with BTC and one of the exchange with bulk range of coins. It has one difficulty in buying or trading, you need to be very careful in filling those forms and it’s not as best at it’s security like others to provide Google Authenticator whereas it has only PIN to sign in to your account. Here is a tutorial about how to create cryptopia account

Those are the best platforms to find out coins and buy them. The above list is completely based on my experience about best cryptocurrency exchange sites.